Elisabeth Wild (b. 1922), Untitled, 2016, Collage, 24,5 x 19,5 cm

Into the New Year with Elisabeth Wild

Adam Szymczyk, the artistic director of documenta 14, has compared Wild’s method as an artist to that of an art collector. The materials she uses for her collages are drawn from art and lifestyle magazines that tell of the world of beautiful things and present these in a idealized way. Ensconced in her simple house in Panajachel, Wild reads these magazines and then takes her scissors to them. The high-gloss clippings are then reassembled to create strange and poetic, coherent and tightly composed images that the artist herself describes as “day dreams” or fantasias. Each collage has the same standing in the artist’s own oeuvre. They are lyrical works, poems for the eye, pages from the book of life, created anew day by day.

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